Giving Older People in Wales a strong and independent national voice.

Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) is an independent, representative, national organisation run by Older People for the benefit of older people in Wales.

COPA Board must make sure that Older People across Wales are listened to and their opinions acted on in everything that affects them.

We will do this by working in partnership with local Older People’s fora and Older People’s groups across Wales to learn from their experiences and opinions on what will make Wales a great place to grow old.

We will achieve a national voice for local people that feeds directly into both government and national public organisations. We intend to ensure that nothing is developed affecting Older People without Older People being involved in every stage.

There is strength in numbers and a demand for well organised and informed lobbying. Together we can have a greater influence and reach than is feasible from any local forum.


We are committed to opening a new debate about better engagement, participation and quality of life for Older People of all ages in Wales.  Working with other national Older People’s organisations, we will demonstrate that we are serious about achieving a distinct change of pace and are intent on taking this agenda forward.

We bring together the views, opinions and concerns of local Older People’s fora to the national, and all- Wales level. We do not interfere with local issues or decisions.Three-way communication between the local, regional and national levels is essential if the interests of Older People are to be properly represented and national decisions influenced.

With the significant changes in society and politics it is vital that the voice of Older People is heard and that their interests are fairly represented and not neglected.

The interests of Older People are diverse, spanning over 40 years and with very different economic, cultural and social circumstances. This needs to be reflected in the way that Older People are engaged and participate, ensuring that their calls for change and action are always well informed and coherent.

We provide a new dynamic process for local Older People’s fora to get their voice heard at the national table. We provide a conduit for local and regional issues to be represented to Ministers, civil servants and other national bodies.

We also provide a means of disseminating information of interest and relevance to Older People about what is happening at the Wales level and ensure that when representations are made about these important issues it is done with a stronger voice of all the local fora.

A lot more can be achieved if we are united in our call for change than if it is done on a forum by forum basis.

COPA Board June 2019


The Way Forward