Members Articles

Guidance for Article Author

We want to encourage all 50+ Forum members throughout Wales to engage with this website. As part of that, this area of the site is dedicated to articles contributed by them.

  1. Articles should relate to Wales and involve some input from the originator. The latter can be any over 50 resident in Wales (doesn’t have to be the VM)

Articles could include:

  1. Relating to the Forum that offer some insights into what currently impacts or occupies the Forum. Share the successes that they have had with building alliances and getting funding.
  1. Items of more general interest that might include poems (note Poetry Together), recipes etc
  1. Proposals (in brief) could be sent to the editorial board ( before they commit to further effort.
  2. Wherever possible, pictures help make a great story.

Back Garden

Two birdwatchers from Rhonda Cynon Taf have shared pictures from their gardens

Like Nella Last

A poignant blog about the loneliness and the pandemic.


Hazel Maguire (Swansea 50+ Forum) describes her experiences through volunteering and fundraising.

VR Project Eng

'Inside – Outside' is the name we have given our Virtual Reality project. We came up with a plan to help those who can’t leave their environments to enjoy “virtual walks” through gardens, beaches, or country scenes.

VR Project Cym

‘Inside–Outside’ yw'r enw rydyn ni wedi'i roi ar ein prosiect realiti rhithwir. Fe wnaethon ni lunio cynllun i helpu'r rhai nad ydyn nhw'n gallu gadael eu hamgylchedd i fwynhau “teithiau cerdded rhithwir” drwy erddi, traethau, neu olygfeydd gwledig.

Pen Y Fan

Beating the second lockdown with a trip up Pen Y Fan