Manifesto for Older People – March 2019

Cymru Older People’s Alliance has published a new Manifesto to set out what we think Older People in Wales want and expect from political leaders in Wales to improve public services that help us all live our lives independently. The Manifesto was agreed by the Board of Trustees following consultation with our Voting Members in Forums and Groups around Wales. [ see Manifesto here]

There are of course many issues that impact on the lives of older people that present both opportunities and challenges to living a healthy and successful old age. Our Manifesto highlights 14 of the most important policy areas that we believe need to be addressed by Governments at all levels. Within those areas, we have also identified our key priorities to further focus the attention of politicians and others as to what is most important to us. We, of course, acknowledge that austerity has had a significant impact on the public purse in Wales but we firmly believe that the only viable way forward to implement our Manifesto is through dialogue and collaboration with Government and public bodies, involving all older people’s organisations in Wales as well as the Charity and Private Sectors.

We were therefore pleased to receive a positive response to our Manifesto from the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan AM [see letter here]. We will now use the Manifesto as a benchmark in our discussions on behalf of older people and will report progress on a regular basis.