Action Plan on Abuse
National Action Plan to prevent the abuse of older people

Cymru Older Peoples Alliance’s response to the consultation document, the Draft action plan to end the abuse and neglect of older people in Wales can be read HERE.

Some of the main points made in our response to the questions set out in the Consultation are:

  • details of what the outcome will be, who will take action and by when or with what resources is needed.
  • commitments will require partners such as Councils, LHBs to implement e.g., funded programmes, statutory guidance, regulation etc
  • co-production of the policies and involving older people as service users from the outset is not explicit
  • Other issues not covered (or sufficiently) are the subject of recent reports by the Commissioner for Older People:

    • More tailored support for older people being abused
    • Controlling and coercive behaviour
    • Support for men experiencing domestic abuse
    • Tackling ageism and age discrimination
    • Abuse where LPAs are misused for financial gain
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