About This Website

Visual Clarity

As far as possible, development of the content of the website was to make it as readable as possible for those with visual impairment. The international standard, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, is complex. However, the text on this website meets their ‘AAA’ rating with a contrast ration of at least 7.0 and this should help readability.

Blank Pages

While the site is still in its development phase, many pages will lack content. Material will be added when available. The Flyer on the Home page should then indicate the most recent addition to the site to make it easier for you to find.

Sidebar Contents

While the site is developing and adding more content, those pages that do have material will be indicated in a Sidebar on the Right Hand Side of the page. Click on the link to go to the page you want.


The reader can also interact with the screen to make the text larger (or smaller).


Hold down the control key and tap the ‘+’ key; zooms incrementally.

[Ctrl] : [+]


Hold down the control key and tap the ‘-‘ key; zoom out

[Ctrl] : [-]


Hold down the control key and tap the ‘zero’ key once.

[Ctrl] : [0]

It is also possible to zoom in and out by holding down the control [Ctrl] key and turning the scroll wheel on the mouse. Again, [Ctrl] : [0] will reset to the original screen view.

HTTPS Security Protocol

Websites are being urged to implement the HTTPS Security Protocol. You will note that this site has done so and if you click on the green padlock you will see it is secure, with a valid certificate.


Please let us know if you find issues on the website.

We would like to know, for example, if you come across a broken ‘Link’.

Are we missing something that you think should be included?

Just let us know via our contact page.