Although as a registered charity COPA is entirely politically impartial, we have written in the same terms to all of the main political parties with the aim of influencing the debate in the General Election on 4 July in respect of older people.

    Our “Manifesto” for Older People” sets out a prospectus [here] that identifies the key strategic and policy changes that COPA want to see considered by the UK Government to benefit older people in Wales. We have not included any matters directly devolved to the Welsh Senedd/Parliament.

     In sending the “Manifesto” to political parties we have emphasised that

  1. The definition of older people covers a wide age span and it is essential that they do not see all older people as one homogeneous group.
  2. All older people are different and have differing needs that should be addressed taking account of their social and economic situation and health conditions.
  3. A “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate for implementing policies that impact on older people.
  4. Older People also vote in greater numbers than any other section of society

We hope you will find helpful and can use our “Manifesto” in any discussions with politicians in the run up to the forthcoming Election

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