Cymru Older Peoples Alliance have started a new campaign to highlight the adverse consequences of age discrimination and its effects on older people and society. We want the process to be positive and based on collaboration and lead to a tangible outcome.  A new policy or strategy on age discrimination including plans for legislative change would we hope, result from a National Debate.

Our Policy Position Paper [  ] and Blog “Banishing Ageism to history” [ ] were published in 2023 and explained how Ageism and age discrimination comes in many forms:

  • Ageism in the form of digital exclusion is an increasingly common occurrence
  • Ageism in employment can have significant implications for older individuals.
  • Inequalities in ageing affect us in many ways, including health, income, and social inclusion. Differences in life expectancy depending on where you live, and your circumstances can result.
  • Ageist attitudes can limit older people’s access to opportunities, such as education, volunteering, or community engagement.
  • Ageist assumptions in the NHS can result in older patients receiving inadequate care.

COPA has recently written to the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care [ ] to raise our concerns about the impacts of age discrimination in Wales and to propose that a National Debate is developed. The Minister responded very positively [ ]  and asked the Ministerial Advisory Forum on Ageing to discuss the COPA proposal. This happened on 12 March when it was agreed that a Working Group on Age Discrimination should be set up to shape plans for a National Debate. COPA have already made a practical start on this by writing to the Guardian newspaper [  ] Addressing the problem of Age Discrimination will not be quick or easy and is likely to take a few years to be successful. COPA are committed to contribute to this important work to raise awareness of age discrimination and through partnership look to find some sustainable solutions.

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