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Two contributions for this article from Rhondda Cynon Taf. Thanks to Liz Penwill for the article. Both Liz and Matt Davies have sent in the pictures. Incredibly positive examples of how to find a new interest in the pandemic.

[The feature picture is not from a back garden !!]


Few birds were in evidence when we moved into our new home in 2019.  Since our back garden is purely decking built on struts down the slope to the railway line, we have no grass or flower beds.  But there is a variety of hedging and trees on the perimeter.

So, we hung up a few bird feeders and hoped to attract more than sparrows.  Slowly but surely the visiting bird population grew and so did the variety.  Of course, the squirrels came too but the antics of the baby ones brought smiles to our faces.

For the 2020 RSPB Birdwatch we counted many sparrows, a variety of tits, a couple of robins and blackbirds.  This year we were delighted with the attendance – it was almost as if they knew they should visit at that time!  Here is our 2021 record:

2 chaffinches, 7 long-tailed tits, 3 coal tits, 1 collared dove, 4 starlings, 3 goldfinches, 8 blue tits, 8 greenfinches, 3 great tits, 1 magpie, 4 sparrows, 3 blackbirds, 1 magpie, 2 robins, 1 nuthatch and 1 pied wagtail.  Also, a sparrowhawk swooped in but not sure it landed – which is probably a good thing ….

Particularly during lockdown, it has been so special to be able to watch the birds throughout the year.  Last Spring, we had many baby birds feeding here, especially blue tits.  But our biggest delight has been the Great Spotted Woodpecker family (male and female recently spotted again).  We are hopeful for more families this Spring – perhaps goldfinches and greenfinches as well this time?

Liz Penwill

Chair of the Llantrisant & District 50+ Forum

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