Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) is a new charity run by older people for older people. Its main purpose is to ensure that Older People’s Forums and Groups at a local level can have their voice heard at the national level and their views represented to Welsh Government and a range of other Public Bodies. We want to change and improve the lives of older people in Wales.

What are COPA doing?                                                                                                [Cymraeg]

Cymru Older People’s Alliance is today launching its Report that presents findings from its engagement with Chairs of 50+ Forums in Wales and presents the evidence to support revitalisation and reform of forums.

The impact of austerity on Council budgets, means now Older People’s Forums are very variable and patchy across Wales and need strengthening to support meaningful engagement with older people.

The key findings from our engagement with Forum Chairs from July to October included:

  • At least 5 different “models” adopted by Councils in Wales in respect of their local 50+ Forums were found
  • We estimate that a small majority (around 60%) of Councils are either very supportive or supportive of their forum.
  • We identified a clear need to strengthen Forum membership through more recruitment
  • Despite the divergent levels of support for Forums across Wales, there were examples where the local Forum has led innovative developments to benefit their locality
  • Since March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, Forums have not been able to meet on a face to face basis and support is needed for consistent re-start in due course
  • The role of COPA in supporting and informing Forums was seen as important and improving. Further development of this support was called for including the sharing of practice between Forums.

A series of conclusions and recommendations are made in the report.

Welsh Government are asked for a clear and consistent national policy for 50+ Forums in Wales. We believe that engagement with older people including reformed 50+ Forums should be positioned as part of the well-being agenda and the early intervention and prevention requirements under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. A National Development Framework to reform and revitalise Forums is established to facilitate and support forums so that they can make a positive contribution to “build back better” post Covid-19 and help create Age-Friendly Communities across Wales.

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Beth mae COPA yn ei wneud?

Heddiw, mae Cynghrair Pobl Hŷn Cymru yn lansio ei Hadroddiad sy’n cyflwyno canfyddiadau ei hymwneud â Chadeiryddion Fforymau 50+ yng Nghymru ac yn cyflwyno’r dystiolaeth i gefnogi adfywio a diwygio fforymau.

Mae effaith llymder ar gyllidebau Cynghorau yn golygu erbyn hyn bod Fforymau Pobl Hŷn yn amrywiol iawn ac yn dameidiog yng Nghymru ac mae angen eu cryfhau i gefnogi ymgysylltiad ystyrlon â phobl hŷn.

Roedd canfyddiadau allweddol ein hymgysylltiad â Chadeiryddion Fforymau rhwng mis Gorffennaf a mis Hydref yn cynnwys:

  • Canfuwyd o leiaf 5 “model” gwahanol a fabwysiadwyd gan Gynghorau yng Nghymru mewn perthynas â’u Fforymau 50+ lleol
  • Amcangyfrifwn fod mwyafrif bach (tua 60%) o Gynghorau naill ai’n gefnogol iawn neu’n gefnogol i’w fforwm.
  • Nodwyd angen clir gennym i gryfhau aelodaeth Fforymau drwy fwy o recriwtio
  • Er gwaethaf y lefelau gwahanol o gefnogaeth i Fforymau ledled Cymru, cafwyd enghreifftiau lle mae’r Fforwm lleol wedi arwain datblygiadau arloesol er budd eu hardal
  • Ers mis Mawrth 2020 a’r pandemig Covid-19, nid yw Fforymau wedi gallu cyfarfod wyneb yn wyneb ac mae angen cymorth i ail-ddechrau’n gyson maes o law
  • Ystyriwyd bod rôl COPA o ran cefnogi a hysbysu Fforymau yn bwysig ac yn gwella. Galwyd am ddatblygu’r cymorth hwn ymhellach gan gynnwys rhannu arfer rhwng Fforymau.

Mae cyfres o gasgliadau ac argymhellion yn cael eu gwneud yn yr adroddiad.

Gofynnir i Lywodraeth Cymru am bolisi cenedlaethol clir a chyson ar gyfer Fforymau 50+ yng Nghymru. Credwn y dylid lleoli ymgysylltu â phobl hŷn gan gynnwys Fforymau 50+ fel rhan o’r agenda llesiant a’r gofynion ymyrraeth gynnar ac atal o dan Ddeddf Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol a Llesiant (Cymru) 2014. Dylid sefydlu Fframwaith Datblygu Cenedlaethol i ddiwygio ac adfywio Fforymau i hwyluso a chefnogi fforymau fel y gallant wneud cyfraniad cadarnhaol i “adeiladu’n ôl yn well” ar ôl Covid-19 a helpu i greu Cymunedau sy’n Ystyriol o Oedran ledled Cymru.

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What They Said!

Hefin David: Caerphilly MS

Caerphilly MS Hefin David

On Developing Virtual Reality Videos:  Hefin David congratulated Caerphilly Over 50 and staff at Lewis School Pengam for their hard work, to secure the funding. He said: “The £8,800 funding for the virtual reality project has been secured as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure the experience will bring joy to residents in care homes, who’re more at risk of isolation than before the lockdown.”

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Heléna Herklots CBE: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

“Care homes play an essential role in helping to ensure that some of our most vulnerable citizens have the best possible quality of life and should be places where older people are kept safe and protected. What we have seen unfolding in our care homes in recent weeks is a tragedy, and my thoughts are with families and friends throughout Wales who have lost loved ones.

“I want to give a voice to older people living in care homes, their family and friends, and care workers throughout Wales so that their experiences can be used to ensure the right action is taken to protect and support people living and working in care homes.

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Carwyn Jones: The Human Rights of Older People

Speaking at an event to celebrate the work and impact of the outgoing Older People’s Commissioner, Sarah Rochira, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones and Social Care Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, announced the Welsh Government will be working with older people to take forward a programme of work that will support everyone to live healthy, prosperous and rewarding lives.

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Alison Price

Chief Officer, Age Connect North Wales Central

Age Connect North Wales Central recognises the benefits of getting together regularly and the contribution that good company can make to health and well-being. The forums we support can be informative as well as fun. They can provide an opportunity for the voices of Older People to be heard not just locally but also at a national level by combining, via COPA,  with others across Wales. Age Connects supports groups across Denbighshire and Conwy so call us on 0300 2345 007 or email: enquiries@acncw.org and we will put you in contact with your nearest forum.