Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) is a new charity run by older people for older people. Its main purpose is to ensure that Older People’s Forums and Groups at a local level can have their voice heard at the national level and their views represented to Welsh Government and a range of other Public Bodies. We want to change and improve the lives of older people in Wales.

What are COPA doing?                                                                                                [Cymraeg]

We are seeking action from the Welsh Government to support the revitalisation of Forums across Wales. The Government have long been promising to complete a review of the Engagement of Older People but this has been subject to multiple delays and now delayed by covid. While the Government review would be wide-ranging, we are asking for a statement on their position on and future of Forums.

We have written to the Deputy Minister asking for clarification. The main context of the letter is produced on this site (and the full letter available for download).

Letter to the Minister

Since being established as a charity, resources have been a critical issue. So, we are particularly pleased to welcome the assistance of Kathy Lye (Engagement Support Coordinator, with Age Cymru).

The need to find ways of engaging/connecting with the Forums has been one of our foremost activities. There have now been a number of successful video conferences with Voting Members. Trustees have been able to start developing interactions with nominated Voting Members.  But we want to go further and give the website a much less formal content. So, we are asking all Forums if they can provide some content for the website. This might be information about your Forum or what it is currently involved with. But it could be far more diverse; perhaps one of your members writes poetry or maybe has an uplifting story to tell. We do not want to be prescriptive; make it a medium you would want to look at regularly for a range of interesting content.

Members Articles

Beth mae COPA yn ei wneud?

Rydym yn ceisio cael gweithrediad gan Lywodraeth Cymru i gefnogi’r gwaith o adfywio Fforymau ledled Cymru. Mae’r Llywodraeth wedi bod yn addo cwblhau adolygiad o Ymgysylltu â Phobl Hŷn ers tro byd ond mae hyn wedi cael ei rwystro gan oedi ar sawl achlysur ac mae bellach wedi’i oedi gan Covid. Er y byddai adolygiad y Llywodraeth yn eang ei gwmpas, rydym yn gofyn am ddatganiad am eu safbwynt ar Fforymau a’u dyfodol.

Rydym wedi ysgrifennu at y Dirprwy Weinidog yn gofyn am eglurhad. Cynhyrchir prif gyd-destun y llythyr ar y wefan hon (a’r llythyr llawn sydd ar gael i’w lawr lwytho).

Llythyr at y Gweinidog

Ers cael ei sefydlu fel elusen, mae adnoddau wedi bod yn fater hollbwysig. Felly, rydym yn arbennig o falch o groesawu cymorth Kathy Lye (Cydlynydd Cymorth Ymgysylltu, gydag Age Cymru).

Mae’r angen i ddod o hyd i ffyrdd o ymgysylltu/cysylltu â’r Fforymau wedi bod yn un o’n gweithgareddau pennaf. Cafwyd nifer o gynadleddau fideo llwyddiannus erbyn hyn gydag Aelodau Pleidleisio. Mae Ymddiriedolwyr wedi gallu dechrau datblygu perthynas gydag Aelodau Pleidleisio sydd wedi cael eu henwebu.  Ond rydym ni eisiau mynd gam ymhellach a rhoi cynnwys llawer llai ffurfiol ar y wefan. Felly, rydym yn gofyn i bob Fforwm i ddarparu rhywfaint o gynnwys ar gyfer y wefan. Gallai hyn fod yn wybodaeth am eich Fforwm neu’r hyn y mae’n ei drafod ar hyn o bryd. Ond gallai fod llawer yn fwy amrywiol; efallai bod un o’ch aelodau’n ysgrifennu barddoniaeth neu efallai bod ganddo stori ddiddorol i’w hadrodd. Nid ydym am fod yn rhy gyfarwyddol; gwnewch y wefan yn rhywbeth y byddech eisiau edrych arni’n rheolaidd am ystod o gynnwys diddorol.

Erthyglau’r Aelodau

What They Said!

Hefin David: Caerphilly MS

Caerphilly MS Hefin David

On Developing Virtual Reality Videos:  Hefin David congratulated Caerphilly Over 50 and staff at Lewis School Pengam for their hard work, to secure the funding. He said: “The £8,800 funding for the virtual reality project has been secured as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure the experience will bring joy to residents in care homes, who’re more at risk of isolation than before the lockdown.”

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Heléna Herklots CBE: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

“Care homes play an essential role in helping to ensure that some of our most vulnerable citizens have the best possible quality of life and should be places where older people are kept safe and protected. What we have seen unfolding in our care homes in recent weeks is a tragedy, and my thoughts are with families and friends throughout Wales who have lost loved ones.

“I want to give a voice to older people living in care homes, their family and friends, and care workers throughout Wales so that their experiences can be used to ensure the right action is taken to protect and support people living and working in care homes.

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Carwyn Jones: The Human Rights of Older People

Speaking at an event to celebrate the work and impact of the outgoing Older People’s Commissioner, Sarah Rochira, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones and Social Care Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, announced the Welsh Government will be working with older people to take forward a programme of work that will support everyone to live healthy, prosperous and rewarding lives.

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Alison Price

Chief Officer, Age Connect North Wales Central

Age Connect North Wales Central recognises the benefits of getting together regularly and the contribution that good company can make to health and well-being. The forums we support can be informative as well as fun. They can provide an opportunity for the voices of Older People to be heard not just locally but also at a national level by combining, via COPA,  with others across Wales. Age Connects supports groups across Denbighshire and Conwy so call us on 0300 2345 007 or email: enquiries@acncw.org and we will put you in contact with your nearest forum.