Corona-Virus Updates

We have started a Blog on this website to try to provide some assistance to older residents of Wales through this Corona-virus crisis. Contributions that we can include in this blog series would be very welcome. You can use our contact form to tell us how you are occupying your time during this period of isolation; or some interesting anecdotes.

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Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) is a new charity run by older people for older people. Its main purpose is to ensure that Older People’s Forums and Groups at a local level can have their voice heard at the national level and their views represented to Welsh Government and a range of other Public Bodies. We want to change and improve the lives of older people in Wales.

Chair’s Welcome

We are COPA (Cymru Older People’s Alliance). We aim to ensure that the voice of older people is represented at the Welsh Government. Nothing about us without us.

We are a registered charity, made up of members across Wales who volunteer to put forward local and national issues effecting older people. How are our local matters heard? How are these represented at national government level?

I joined COPA because I was frustrated that my voice as an older woman was not heard or represented, I wanted to make a difference. COPA can make a difference, through projects that directly engage with older people, members of the board advise ministers on issues such as housing, transport, loneliness and isolation.

The Welsh government are the first to have ‘A Strategy for Older People’, your voice can help inform this. We invite people from all across Wales to join us to help deliver on your issues and ensure policies and strategies are relevant, informed and acted on.

Video Corner

Video Corner provides the opportunity to invite anyone to speak to our audience directly. Assembly Members; Older People’s Commissioner; Other Older People’s Organisations; Forum members; COPA Trustees.

Videos from YouTube can be linked directly.

This video is not an approved COPA communication. It is added to demonstrate the principal of using a video message.

What They Said!

Vaughan Gething: Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services

“We have a clear vision for Wales to be a dementia friendly nation that recognises the rights of people with dementia to feel valued and to live as independently as possible in their communities.”
We want to create a society without stigma – where people living with dementia continue to go about their day to day life with the wider public who are understanding and know how to provide support.

Achieving a dementia friendly nation requires a cross-Government, multiagency and society wide response.
We recognise that dementia is a significant health and social care issue which impacts not only on those living with dementia, but on their families, friends and carers too.”

You can read more details HERE

Carwyn Jones: The Human Rights of Older People

Speaking at an event to celebrate the work and impact of the outgoing Older People’s Commissioner, Sarah Rochira, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones and Social Care Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, announced the Welsh Government will be working with older people to take forward a programme of work that will support everyone to live healthy, prosperous and rewarding lives.

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Alison Price

Chief Officer, Age Connect North Wales Central

Age Connect North Wales Central recognises the benefits of getting together regularly and the contribution that good company can make to health and well-being. The forums we support can be informative as well as fun. They can provide an opportunity for the voices of Older People to be heard not just locally but also at a national level by combining, via COPA,  with others across Wales. Age Connects supports groups across Denbighshire and Conwy so call us on 0300 2345 007 or email: enquiries@acncw.org and we will put you in contact with your nearest forum.