Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA) is a new charity run by older people for older people. Its main purpose is to ensure that Older People’s Forums and Groups at a local level can have their voice heard at the national level and their views represented to Welsh Government and a range of other Public Bodies. We want to change and improve the lives of older people in Wales.

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What are COPA doing?                                                                                                [Cymraeg]

The next few months will be another busy and important period for COPA. We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on 21 January which will for the first time be held virtually. Apart from the usual business for AGMs including approving our Annual Report and Accounts, we will be looking to ratify important changes to our Constitution.

Another important issue for COPA will be responding to the Welsh Government consultation: “Age Friendly Wales: Our Strategy for an Ageing Society”. This is an important document to shape policies that COPA believes are vital for older people now and over the next decade. The consultation also asks important questions about how older people should be engaged including through 50+ Forums. We want to hear as many views as possible from Forums. As an individual you can reply directly online or download a response form: Consultation Response

As well as collaborating with the Commissioner and others on creating Age-Friendly Communities in Wales and stopping abuse of older people, we will also be continuing to take action to improve how COPA operates as a Registered Charity – our strategic direction, recruitment of new trustees, the structure of our Board and essentially how we work in partnership with 50+ Forums and Groups around Wales

Despite the difficult circumstances now, COPA will continue its work as a national charity run by older people for older people. As one of our Trustees has recently said ” The past year has highlighted that need, with Age Cymru and the Commissioner for Older people leading the way at the Welsh national level. I like to think that we (in COPA) are all pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, providing a different but necessary part of the picture”

Beth mae COPA yn ei wneud?

Bydd y misoedd nesaf yn gyfnod prysur a phwysig arall i COPA. Byddwn yn cynnal ein Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol yn rhithiol am y tro cyntaf ar 21 Ionawr. Ar wahân i’r busnes arferol ar gyfer Cyfarfodydd Cyffredinol Blynyddol gan gynnwys cymeradwyo ein Hadroddiad Blynyddol a’n Cyfrifon, byddwn yn ceisio cadarnhau newidiadau pwysig i’n Cyfansoddiad.

Mater pwysig arall i COPA fydd ymateb i ymgynghoriad Llywodraeth Cymru: “Cymru o Blaid Pobl Hŷn: Ein Strategaeth ar gyfer Cymdeithas sy’n Heneiddio“. Mae hon yn ddogfen bwysig i lunio polisïau y mae COPA yn credu sy’n hanfodol i bobl hŷn nawr a dros y degawd nesaf. Mae’r ymgynghoriad hefyd yn gofyn cwestiynau pwysig am sut y dylid ymgysylltu â phobl hŷn gan gynnwys drwy Fforymau 50+. Hoffem glywed cymaint o safbwyntiau â phosibl gan Fforymau. Fel unigolyn, gallwch ymateb ar-lein yn uniongyrchol neu lawrlwytho ffurflen ymateb: Ymateb i’r Ymgynghoriad

Yn ogystal â chydweithio â’r Comisiynydd ac eraill i greu Cymunedau Oed-Gyfeillgar yng Nghymru ac atal cam-drin pobl hŷn, byddwn hefyd yn parhau i gymryd camau i wella’r ffordd y mae COPA yn gweithredu fel Elusen Gofrestredig – ein cyfeiriad strategol, recriwtio ymddiriedolwyr newydd, strwythur ein Bwrdd a sut rydym yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â Fforymau a Grwpiau 50+ ledled Cymru.

Er gwaethaf yr amgylchiadau anodd ar hyn o bryd, bydd COPA yn parhau i weithio fel elusen genedlaethol sy’n cael ei rhedeg gan bobl hŷn ar gyfer pobl hŷn. Fel y dywedodd un o’n Hymddiriedolwyr yn ddiweddar, “Mae’r flwyddyn ddiwethaf wedi amlygu’r angen hwnnw, gydag Age Cymru a’r Comisiynydd Pobl Hŷn yn arwain y ffordd ar lefel genedlaethol yng Nghymru. Hoffwn feddwl ein bod ni (yn COPA) i gyd yn ddarnau o jig-so, gan ddarparu rhan wahanol, ond angenrheidiol, o’r llun”

What They Said!

Hefin David: Caerphilly MS

Caerphilly MS Hefin David

On Developing Virtual Reality Videos:  Hefin David congratulated Caerphilly Over 50 and staff at Lewis School Pengam for their hard work, to secure the funding. He said: “The £8,800 funding for the virtual reality project has been secured as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure the experience will bring joy to residents in care homes, who’re more at risk of isolation than before the lockdown.”

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Heléna Herklots CBE: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

“Care homes play an essential role in helping to ensure that some of our most vulnerable citizens have the best possible quality of life and should be places where older people are kept safe and protected. What we have seen unfolding in our care homes in recent weeks is a tragedy, and my thoughts are with families and friends throughout Wales who have lost loved ones.

“I want to give a voice to older people living in care homes, their family and friends, and care workers throughout Wales so that their experiences can be used to ensure the right action is taken to protect and support people living and working in care homes.

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Carwyn Jones: The Human Rights of Older People

Speaking at an event to celebrate the work and impact of the outgoing Older People’s Commissioner, Sarah Rochira, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones and Social Care Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, announced the Welsh Government will be working with older people to take forward a programme of work that will support everyone to live healthy, prosperous and rewarding lives.

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Alison Price

Chief Officer, Age Connect North Wales Central

Age Connect North Wales Central recognises the benefits of getting together regularly and the contribution that good company can make to health and well-being. The forums we support can be informative as well as fun. They can provide an opportunity for the voices of Older People to be heard not just locally but also at a national level by combining, via COPA,  with others across Wales. Age Connects supports groups across Denbighshire and Conwy so call us on 0300 2345 007 or email: enquiries@acncw.org and we will put you in contact with your nearest forum.